Ang Lakas ng Bagani is the 2nd episode in the series. It is originally aired on March 6, 2018

Plot synopsis Edit

Learn the history of the people of the Taga-Disyerto and how it changed the life of Lakas, a warrior from the region. Lakas was an outcast of Taga-Disyerto as was treated like a slave. He has superior fighting skills, but he vowed to not use this power against Dakim's greed. Dakim and the warriors of the desert tribe tries to infiltrate the trading region of Taga-Kalakal, but fails. Taga-Kalakal gets revenge for trying to raid them by taking them over. Lakas leads the desert dwellers away from the battle, but only comes across the trader's army.

Appearances Edit

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  • Lakas
  • Kidlat
  • Dakim
  • Lila
  • Damo
  • Tanda

Notes & trivia Edit

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