Ganda is the female protagonist and one of the main characters of the Philippine television series 'Bagani'. She is portrayed by Liza Soberano

Biography Edit

Ganda is a farmer born into the Farm Region. Ganda is a feisty but loving and responsible younger sister of the leader of the Farm Region. She is willing to sacrifice herself just to secure and stabilize her family and clan. She doesn’t give up easily without putting up a fight for what she believes is right. She is a skilled archer and holds the power of Makiling that can give her the ability to get rid of her opponents, whether they are far away or near. She was killed by Sarimaw during their intense confrontation that leaves Sarimaw wounded but was later revealed that she is stuck in a place called Dako Paroon because Sarimaw brought her there. If Lakas was able to find Dako Paroon, he will able to free Ganda and Malaya, Sarimaw's mother.

Behind the scenes Edit

Ganda is portrayed by Filipino Actress Liza Soberano.